Creative Script Writing

Script development is an art. Many great scripts have been created at Outsource Options Inc, Call Center to prepare our agents to read with conviction, make the sales presentation sound sincere and move a conversation forward towards a close. Yes, some people are born with a charming personality and natural communication skills. Even Hollywood movies glorify telemarketers that sound glib on the phone and close on the first call. Our telemarketing agents are so confident in the communication tools they have been given that they smile when they dial.

Our strategic rhetoric will decrease the percentage of rude hang-ups while keeping the conversation interactive and interesting for the client. All scripts are written to sound like the customers were actually looking forward to the call. Our call center has adopted the adage that strangers are friends who have not met yet. Unique strategies are specifically created to get the client's attention and establish an interest within the first 20 seconds of conversation. We are aware that a percentage will hang up regardless of what is being said and, with that in mind, we will implement a tactful questioning defense with strategically placed pauses to keep potential customers talking.

Once we get started, our experienced script development team will need to ask you many detailed questions, which will provide us with the information we need to perfect your telemarketing plan. All scenarios will be written into different types of dialogues and accessible for when a rebuttal arises. Your script will be structured to place the telemarketer ahead of the client so we can address their upcoming questions or concerns effortlessly and move forward. Before a single call is made, we will forward the first draft to your attention for review and comments. If necessary, we will make all necessary revisions and provide you with a final script for your approval. The options for your script may vary depending on need and contact. For example, we are able to produce scripts for a first time call or a two call close script when a potential customer calls you back.

Our experience has shown that a percentage of small companies that launch their own phone campaign place very little consideration into the telemarketing script itself. The attempt is respectable, but after long days on the phone and not accomplishing the desired results, most come to know that telling is not selling on a phone call. A checklist of products and services with a polite introduction may work occasionally, but the majority of people are numb from telemarketers before they can get through a presentation. Once we enhance your script, your dialogue will move to the next phase of communication. As a value added benefit, your telemarketing script is included free of charge with any Outsource Options Inc, Call Center telemarketing campaign.

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