Your fundraising scripts are precisely written to advance the donor to more generous amounts of giving so they will feel good about the experience. All initial contacts will initiate an effort to triple the past donation and if the donor declines, we are prepared to uncover a more comfortable sum. Our level of boldness will depend upon the donor's initial interest and reaction to the opening amount asked. Our pinpoint strategies use information from demographic and market studies against your database of past donors in order to understand the precise communication needed to receive the donation.

We can send reminders via email as well as multiple courtesy calls. A personal contact can succeed after a direct mailing. We leave moving and heartfelt messages to raise the probability of receiving a gift. Your Outsource Options Inc, Call Center telemarketing team will communicate very clearly your values and fundraising goals to each individual for added confidence. As a final point, we use this occasion to build better long term relationships with the donors and their personal referrals for bigger fundraising campaigns in the future.

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