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How To Begin

At Outsource Options Inc, your initial consultation will not be an account executive, but with the owner Reggie Barlowhimself. After a careful analysis and comfortable understanding of your business, we can begin to match your plan with our outsourcing services. Our objective on your first call is to offer sound advice and for you to conclude if our outsourcing solution for your company makes financial and logical sense.

Finding your Need Analysis
In order to fully comprehend your specific outsourcing business needs, we will ask you a series of selective questions. Every detail is important and must be considered. Take your time when speaking, so we may listen carefully to all of your ideas and concerns. There is no generic format given to anyone who contacts us, which would be a disservice to you and your company. At Outsource Options Inc, Call Center, each client is regarded as unique and merits their own tailor made campaign program.

Quote to Match Budget
Outsource Options Inc, Call Center can provide call center outsourcing services to match any size budget. What is a comfortable amount for you to begin a campaign? When our positive results increase your working capital, we can talk about a larger budget, if desired, for even faster growth.

We are firmly intent in maintaining a long term relationship that will benefit everyone. Our mutual goal is to help your business grow through a well thought out marketing plan that is financially sound, period. At Outsource Options Inc, Call Center we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results and will continue to work with us on other programs in the future.

Moving Forward
The moment we agree on your particular type of outsourcing needs and the expectations from your customers, the process is put into motion. A time frame must be established by both parties for your new staff to reach their goals before your launch date. This will take place after our top executives consult with the team managers and training staff on your campaign. All opinions will be discussed with you to assist in making your final approval.

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