Customer Care

At Outsource Options Inc, Call Center, we are convinced that making a high quality phone call makes more logical sense than cutting a call short to make a daily call quota. We train our team to ask all additional closing question, take the time to offer several options for a sale, avoid sidetracking and especially taking the most direct route toward the conclusion of each interaction. A thank you for the customer's time is required and made on every phone call regardless of the outcome. Your clients will appreciate you for not sacrificing the quality of your customer support.

We clearly understand the importance of minimizing handling time on the phone while still offering exceptional service. A comprehensive analysis of different calls lengths will be conducted and results sent directly to you for review. Outsource Options Inc, Call Center wants you to feel more secure knowing that your Customer Care team is under control and well supervised, so that you may focus on areas of your business that require more of your time and attention.

Advanced Telemarketing Sales

A carefully crafted script, coupled with motivational training, will mentally prepare your teams personality to make the maximum number of completed sales each day. One extra lead can make all of the difference to your company's bottom line and growth.

Only the most dedicated, quick witted and endurance driven individuals will be chosen for this most important position. Outsource Options Inc, Call Center will only entertain hiring those with the skill to successfully handle rejection gracefully while at the same time thinking outside of the box to make a sale.

A telemarketer that rushes through a script for fear of rejection can never match up equally to one of our call centers well trained sales executives. We will represent you and your company in the best light when selling your product or service. Outsource Options Inc, Call Center will only hire proven closers with unlimited potential, period.

Lead Generation

Outsource Options Inc, Call Center assures that we will inform, pre sell and qualify each and every potential client to maximize the lead acquisition of your lists. That is our word. We go into every call believing in a sale and if they do not end the call during the course of the presentation, they may be interested and need a little more convincing. Every name costs time and money and must not be rushed off the phone or wasted. The lists are not extinguished on the first call as they are worked diligently and kept current until all potential leads are in your sales rotation. Since sales people are typically the highest paid non-executive employees in an organization, it makes sense to provide them pre-qualified leads so that their production is highest by selling and not by cold calling.

Identifying and qualifying a prospect can be an expensive and complex task. It becomes even more so if you do not have mechanisms in place to capture that information for a sale. There will always be a set of well-matched candidates for the purchase of your product or service within a larger set of poorly matched candidates that must be filtered. The logical question is, do you personally have the time and energy to achieve new leads and reconnect with all prospects, including past and current clients? Your solution is to leave the prospecting calls to us so we can supply qualified hot leads, define the interest gauge of the prospect and determine the sales potential for you.

As you would expect, a pertinent information checklist will be verified and double-checked for quality during each phone call to increase your odds of reaching the proper person by phone and those that want to do business with you. Our agents are trained to carefully repeat the information provided by the client so that both parties will avoid costly mistakes. At Outsource Options Inc, Call Center we like to ensure that the client was sincerely listening to our proposal and that their cognitive reasoning ability has been tested and verified. Every contact we make on the phone is not considered a lead, only those that show a real interest in the product or service you are offering will be delivered.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting services will take care of producing qualified meetings with many potential clients. Let our first impression turn a cold call into a warm introduction that produces revenue and referrals for your business. Appointments are set with the decision maker only, period. Outsource Options Inc, Call Center will afford you the luxury of concentrating more on closing the deal at hand, while effortlessly moving on to the next warm appointment that is waiting for you.

Does your company rely heavily on appointment setting for growth and profit? Do you invest a major part of your marketing budget to make it effective? At Outsource Options Inc, Call Center, our appointment setting service will give you an advantage before your competition can have a chance to present their product or service. Outsource Options Inc, Call Center will keep your appointment machine going in order to maximize your daily sales performance and affording you well deserved down time to recharge and prepare for the next meeting.

Our Outsource Options Inc, Call Center telemarketing agents excel in positive first impressions, great communication skills and limitless persistence on the phone. Depending on your specific appointment setting campaign, we always assign the telemarketers that are best suited for your individual program. As we hire and train your appointment setting telemarketer team, we particularly look for candidates that have the ability to think on their feet while asking your predetermined qualifying questions. More importantly, extensive note taking is made during the life of the conversation to uncover specific interests or concerns that can prove to be an invaluable tool when you enter into your first meeting. Our agents have been specifically trained to ask for an appointment on every call and to report on why an appointment has been rejected for further campaign analysis and strategic improvement.

Focus Groups Services

Our objective is to assist in creating a tailor made survey to achieve all of your company's information objectives. Your Outsource Options Inc, Call Center Survey team will be trained to carry out all calls in a non-biased, no pressure tone in order to know the true feelings of your customer. The outcome will not be tainted by influencing or misdirected questions so we may obtain the correct information for your companys growth. Our personal contact will generate a true first hand impression by each prospect, and we will deliver this high level of information to you for immediate action.

Acquiring new customers is 10 times more difficult and expensive than retaining old ones. Our carefully crafted surveys are used to tactfully remind your customers of the high value they are to your company. We will identify issues that are critical to developing old customer retention and uncovering their concerns, which would prevent a loyalty factor from deteriorating. Outsource Options Inc, Call Center realizes that in an increasingly competitive market, returning to relationships that are more personal with customers can be a genuine competitive advantage. While most companies dread an unhappy customer, we welcome all clients to vent any frustration they may have about your company or industry. By listening very carefully, Outsource Options Inc, Call Center will provide you with invaluable constructive criticism that can be corrected immediately to stop potentially lost revenue and to boost customer satisfaction.

There are certain types of surveys that are conducted that elicit information with the underlying intention of making a sale. In this particular instance, Outsource Options Inc, Call Center will create an increased awareness of your company's products and services while completing the survey. The ability to provide your company with direct feedback from the customers can provide a sales force the right information to close a deal and combat any rebuttal. Help your sales force by eliminating wasted efforts on outdated, unprofitable.

Outsource Options Inc, Call Center understands that self-monitoring may be unavoidable for a company. Sometimes, a discreet departmental survey can be an important follow-up call to a customer that may give insight to your sales team's performance or which customer care representative is giving their best with a demanding client. We have the ability to not only collect data for you, but we have the ability to make sense out of it, offer recommendations and understand how you compare to your toughest competition.

Creative Script Writing

Script development is an art. Many great scripts have been created at Outsource Options Inc, Call Center to prepare our agents to read with conviction, make the sales presentation sound sincere and move a conversation forward towards a close. Yes, some people are born with a charming personality and natural communication skills. Even Hollywood movies glorify telemarketers that sound glib on the phone and close on the first call. Our telemarketing agents are so confident in the communication tools they have been given that they smile when they dial.

Our strategic rhetoric will decrease the percentage of rude hang-ups while keeping the conversation interactive and interesting for the client. All scripts are written to sound like the customers were actually looking forward to the call. Our call center has adopted the adage that strangers are friends who have not met yet. Unique strategies are specifically created to get the client's attention and establish an interest within the first 20 seconds of conversation. We are aware that a percentage will hang up regardless of what is being said and, with that in mind, we will implement a tactful questioning defense with strategically placed pauses to keep potential customers talking.

Once we get started, our experienced script development team will need to ask you many detailed questions, which will provide us with the information we need to perfect your telemarketing plan. All scenarios will be written into different types of dialogues and accessible for when a rebuttal arises. Your script will be structured to place the telemarketer ahead of the client so we can address their upcoming questions or concerns effortlessly and move forward. Before a single call is made, we will forward the first draft to your attention for review and comments. If necessary, we will make all necessary revisions and provide you with a final script for your approval. The options for your script may vary depending on need and contact. For example, we are able to produce scripts for a first time call or a two call close script when a potential customer calls you back.

Our experience has shown that a percentage of small companies that launch their own phone campaign place very little consideration into the telemarketing script itself. The attempt is respectable, but after long days on the phone and not accomplishing the desired results, most come to know that telling is not selling on a phone call. A checklist of products and services with a polite introduction may work occasionally, but the majority of people are numb from telemarketers before they can get through a presentation. Once we enhance your script, your dialogue will move to the next phase of communication. As a value added benefit, your telemarketing script is included free of charge with any Outsource Options Inc, Call Center telemarketing campaign.

Direct Mail Campaigns

The intention of your direct mail campaign is to generate a response that can be measured and handled properly while clearly defining the objectives of your target market .The best response method is calling into our call center with a specific toll free phone number to provide basic, well qualified customer service and maintaining a complete record of the result of the calls.

Our outbound telemarketing calls can be used to make independent sales or applied as a follow up procedure to your mail campaign. Once a potential customer has received and looked at your mail, they may not have the intention to act, so a quality telephone call increases their level of interest.

We are able to make appointments for you to visit a customer for personal assistance or distribute the qualified leads to your sales force in real time.


Your fundraising scripts are precisely written to advance the donor to more generous amounts of giving so they will feel good about the experience. All initial contacts will initiate an effort to triple the past donation and if the donor declines, we are prepared to uncover a more comfortable sum. Our level of boldness will depend upon the donor's initial interest and reaction to the opening amount asked. Our pinpoint strategies use information from demographic and market studies against your database of past donors in order to understand the precise communication needed to receive the donation.

We can send reminders via email as well as multiple courtesy calls. A personal contact can succeed after a direct mailing. We leave moving and heartfelt messages to raise the probability of receiving a gift. Your Outsource Options Inc, Call Center telemarketing team will communicate very clearly your values and fundraising goals to each individual for added confidence. As a final point, we use this occasion to build better long term relationships with the donors and their personal referrals for bigger fundraising campaigns in the future.

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